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Kitchen Fitters in Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife

Whether you decide to fit a new kitchen to increase the value of your property or simply because your current kitchen is outdated, a kitchen installation or extension can make a massive difference to your property. Kitchens truly are the heart of a home and regardless of your reasons, once you have ordered all the parts for a new one you will want to make sure it is installed perfectly, and at an affordable price. This is where At Last, Your Home can help.

Thinking of Updating Your Kitchen? 

At Last, Your Home have experience in a number of trades needed for kitchen design and installation. Due to this range of skills we are able to carry out all aspects involved in fitting a new kitchen, meaning you don't have to locate, and attempt to co-ordinate, various different tradespeople and businesses. Instead, you can rely on us to deliver all the necessary services needed to transform your kitchen into something new you can love.

When you hire At Last, Your Home you can trust in us to provide the required Joinary, Building, Electrician and Plumbing work needed, co-ordinating our trades to deliver your new kitchen to your budget, on time.

A Beautiful New Kitchen Stress-Free

If your current kitchen doesn't give you the space you require then you may benefit from an extension to increase your kitchen size. At Last, Your Home have built numerous house extensions for properties in Scotland. 

If you have been putting off getting a new kitchen installed for a number of years, or have never had a new kitchen fitted then please call At Last, Your Home on 0800 612 6458, or email us your questions to Our team will be happy to talk you through the process involved in fitting a new kitchen.

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